Create 3D Video Games

With Create 3D Video Games, you are in control of your very own game world!

Construct a labyrinth of rooms and pathways with doors, elevators, and teleporters. Deploy an arsenal of weapons and traps to dispatch enemies and other entities. Is this an open arena floating in the skies, or a perilous lava-trap filled dungeon?

Interact with the game world using your own 3D player models. Take charge of every detail of your game, from menus and start screens to the lighting effects.

Games are made from template scripts. Advanced students learn how to modify these scripts to further customise the game to their preference.

Class Details

Classes start at 9:30am to 4:00pm although we are open from 8:30am (we are not open before 8:30am) for early arrival and we close at 5:00pm for late pick up. At no extra charge.

Venue: School Holidays

Ntec Tertiary Group NZ
25 Federal St
Corner Swanson and Federal Streets