Intermediate & Advanced Workshops

Ideal for the experienced students who wish to take their learning to the next level. These courses tie together concepts covered in other courses, aimed at mastering competency with a range of programs and applications.

Sessions are small and concentrated, working in groups of 2-4. Students undertake an inquiry of their own design, based on the areas of the courses that they were most interested in. Through this approach, students are responsible for their own learning under the direction of our tutors.

Inquiries might include building and upgrading computers, web design, Minecraft, programming, graphics and animations, making 3D games, databases and programming, networking computers, running a web site, video editing and movie making.

Class Details

Classes run from 9:30am to 4:00pm We are open from 8:30am (we are not open before 8:30am) for early arrival and we close at 5:00pm for late pick up at no extra charge.


BYOD optional. We supply computers if you do not bring a device.

Venue: School Holidays

Ntec Tertiary Group NZ
25 Federal St
Corner Swanson and Federal Streets