Minecraft Beginner

Explore the world of Minecraft! In this freeform course, students pick their own goals and work towards them together. At the start of the week, a modpack is chosen by the group and the students explore it in their own time. This could involve transforming themselves into monsters, destroying pillager outposts and raids, heading to the moon and beyond - the possibilities are endless.

Minecraft Advanced

This highly structured course is aimed to be a bridge between Minecraft Beginner and our coding classes. Students will start by creating a fairly standard Minecraft base, then they will utilise redstone and some of the tools provided by mods in order to automate it. Along the way, students will develop their coding skills, as well as learning a host of other useful abilities (including efficiency analysis). By the end of the course, the students will be well prepared to take the leap and try our coding classes.

Students will be separated into two streams Beginner and Advanced. the instructors will decide on which stream you will be in on the day.

Class Details

School Holiday classes run from 9:30am to 4:00pm We are open from 8:30am (we are not open before 8:30am) for early arrival and we close at 5:00pm for late pick up at no extra charge.

Family Discount of 10% when 2 or more are booked on 2 or more days on our school holiday programme. Applied after booking


Windows or macbook Laptop and charger required Tablet & Ipad not suitable. We also supply computers if you do not have a device.


Westlake Boys High School
30 Forrest Hill Road
Forrest Hill