MINECRAFT Intro: Woodpuncher to Worldbuilder

Master all there is to learn on Vanilla (unmodded) Minecraft on PC. Use mob farming, diamond mining, and exploration to conquer survival mode. Then carve cities into mountains and sculpt your own adventure maps. Ideal for learners of all ages and abilities.

  • Create redstone contraptions such as clocks, doors and elevators.
  • Go beyond simple circuits; learn about logic gates and use this knowledge to build functioning computer parts using redstone.
  • Design your dream home. Will it be a little house nestled on the hillside or an impregnable fortress with a moat and drawbridge?
  • Learn how to move your world from computer to computer, or download and explore creations from the vast community of Minecrafters online.
  • Adventure maps: Learn how to put these skills together to make the ultimate challenge for you and your friends. Design complex parkour courses or tower defence minigames.

Class Details

Classes start at 9:30am to 4:00pm although we are open from 8:30am (we are not open before 8:30am) for early arrival and we close at 5:00pm for late pick up. At no extra charge.


*To participate in this course, students will need to have their own Minecraft Java Edition Account, which costs approximately NZD$33.00, This is not included in the cost of this class. Minecraft accounts may be purchased from www.minecraft.net. or at any EB Games store or Countdown supermarkets. Students will need to bring their Minecraft account login details (username and password) to this course.

Venue: School Holidays

Wellington Girls College
Pipitea Street

Venue: Adults, After School & Saturday

Level 1 Prime Property House
2 Woodward Street
Corner Lambton Quay & Woodward Street


Date Cost
Mon 17 - Fri 21 December
2 or 3 day classes are available
Mon 7 - Fri 11 January
2 or 3 day classes are available
Mon 14 - Fri 18 January
2 or 3 day classes are available
Tue 22 - Fri 25 January
2 or 3 day classes are available
Mon 28 January - Fri 1 February
2 or 3 day classes are available