PowerPoint, Word, Excel etc - Thursday, Saturday


These term time classes are suitale for children that need a beginners introduction to children that need to inprove their skills to an intermediate or advanced level in just a few hours. Try one or two 2 hour sessions and notice the inprovement.

PowerPoint - Introduction/Intermediate

For younger children: learn in a fun and intresting way to produce birthday cards, id cards and animated stories.

For the more adavanced student: understanding the slide sorter, outline, note and slide master views. Working in outline view. Create, align and group shapes. Insert pictures, crop, resize, recolour and compress pictures. Add comments and graphs. Draw freehand shapes add and adjust edit points, use fills. Insert text boxes and tables. Add bullets and numbering, tabs and indents, speaker’s notes, create diagrams and change object properties. Use slide show animations, transitions and record timings. Save as a template.

Publisher - Introduction/Intermediate

Youger children learn to create cards, handouts, flyers and cover pages for their activities

For the more advanced student: page options, colour and font schemes. Add, format, align, distribute and group shapes. Enter, modify and format text. Add word art and tables. Set margins, columns and spacing. Flowing text into other text frames, place graphics, flow text around graphics. Insert pictures adjust colour, crop and rotate. Add headers and footers. Add, move and lock guidelines. Show guides and grid and turn grid snap off Create and assign master pages. Create and apply styles.

Word - Introduction/Intermediate

Children that know more than just a simple basic understaning of Word will be better placed to produce better looking assignments, adding images, page headers and footers. More advanced students cover heading styles to creating table of contents and cover pages

Are tabs, alignments, line spacing, bullets and indents difficult to work with? Do they seem to change without any reason when you move from paragraph to paragraph? Then this course is the one to attend. This course also covers tables, tabs in tables, fast formatting with the format painter, merging letters, creating auto text entries and shows the use of quick keys to improve ease and speed. There is also time to answer any problems you may have with Word.

Word - Intermediate/Advanced

Review of introduction/intermediate course and quick keys. Working with styles, using section breaks, creating automatic tables of contents, changing headers and footers in different sections and renumbering pages, create columns, change portrait to landscape within a document,. With time to answer any problems you may have with Word.

Excel - Introduction/Intermediate

Children that know more than just a simple basic understaning of Excel will be able to create first class results.

Course covers creating formulas, linking cells and worksheets, rotate and wrap cells formatting and fast formatting with the format painter, how to centre across columns, hide, unhide columns build custom lists, freeze titles, split screens, customise headers and footers, create graphs and insert text boxes. There is also time to answer any problems you may have with Excel.

Excel - Intermediate/Advanced

Review of introduction/intermediate course and quick keys. Group columns and rows. Grouping worksheets for fastest formatting, custom date formats, protect cells, name ranges, absolute and relative referencing, using data sub-totals and outlines, multi-level sort, auto and advanced filters, transpose columns and rows, graphs including double Y graphs. With time to answer any problems you may have with Excel.

Access - Introduction/Intermediate

For children an easy to understand introduction into the principals and practises behind a database. Children learn to create a data entry form with diffrent field types, enter records and sort and select records depending on different critera in an easy fun and enjoyable way.

Create a table; define fields, choose data types and field properties, set default entries, validate data, delete, insert and rearrange fields and set the primary key. Add, save and edit records, change views from table to form, move and resize columns and rows and format the table. Find, sort and filter records. Create, save and modify a query. Choose columns to show. Calculate totals and averages. Design a report with Report Wizard.

Access - Intermediate/Advanced

Create a relationship between tables and set join properties. Create forms; add titles, fields and labels, edit and format labels, select, size, and move controls. Special query types; update, make table and interactive queries. Create, preview, print and save a report. Redesign the body of the report, headers and footers, group data, add subtotal and overall totals. Create standard letters and mailing labels. Import data from Excel.

Project - Introduction/Intermediate

Enter tasks using task entry, task sheet and PERT chart view. Assign task relationships; add lead or lag time and set constraints. Enter start or end dates and milestones. Add and assign resources. Set base and resource calendars. Using outlining. Format tables, Gantt and PERT charts. Create and add sub-projects. Viewing project information and resource allocation and identifying critical tasks. Using filters and views to display specific groups of tasks and resources. Updating the project and tracking progress. Printing views and producing reports.

Visio - Introduction/Intermediate

Add shapes and link with auto connect. Align, distribute, layer and group shapes. Create custom shapes and favourites stencil. Create, apply and work with themes. Create, assign and edit background pages. Import data from Excel. Link data to shapes and set automatic data refresh. Working with data fields and values. Create reusable data fields and add to a master shape. Colour shapes according to data, number and layout shapes automatically.

Class Details

Saturday class 10am - 1pm or 1:30 - 4:30pm $65 (or 10 classes for $600)

After school class 3:30pm - 5:30pm, doors open from 3:15pm $45 (or 10 classes for $400)

Other times day, evening or weekend, by arrangement for 2 or more children, call for details.


Level 2
2 Woodward Street
Corner Lambton Quay & Woodward Street


Date Time Cost
Thu 9 - Thu 30 May
Thursday's Only
3:30 pm - 5:30 pm $180.00
Sat 11 May - Sat 1 June
Saturday Only
3:30 pm - 5:30 pm $260.00
Thu 6 - Thu 27 June
Thursday's Only
3:30 pm - 5:30 pm $180.00
Sat 8 - Sat 29 June
Saturday Only
3:30 pm - 5:30 pm $260.00