Classes Wellington - School Holiday

A Discovery Class in Computing

Begin a voyage of discovery into the vast world of computers for ages 5+.

3 dates available.

MINECRAFT: Exploration

Explore the world of Minecraft! In this freeform course, students pick their own goals and work towards them together.

3 dates available.

MINECRAFT: Progression

A structured walkthrough of some of the modpacks in Tekkit, with a view to developing programming skills.

4 dates available.

Create 3D Games

Design your own game using the Unity engine and learn some C# syntax along the way For ages 9+.

3 dates available.

Build Your Own Computer

Learn the components, terminology and principles involved to building and maintaining a computer.

3 dates available.

Learn to Code - Scratch Beginners

Easy and enjoyable, create animations and games using the Scratch programming language. For ages 6+

3 dates available.

Microsoft Office

Find faster and better ways of getting the best out of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access or Visio.

3 dates available.

Learn to Code - Scratch Intermediate

Create more interactivity into their projects, animations, add multiple levels, timers, and health counters. For ages 8+

No dates available. Please contact us for future class dates.

Learn to Code - Python for Beginners

An enjoyable and accessible introduction to the fundamentals of programming for ages 7+.

3 dates available.

Learn To Code - Java

Understand the principles and terminology behind all programming languages. Ages 9+

3 dates available.

Web Design: HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Build mobile friendly web pages.

3 dates available.

Film Making & Video Editing

Make and publish a movie to YouTube.

3 dates available.