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T-Shirts are available for full week bookings. Certificate of Completion is available on request.

Learn to Code and Create 3D Games

Design your own game using the Unity engine and learn to code in C# For ages 9+.

2 dates available.

A Discovery Class in Computing

Begin a voyage of discovery into the vast world of computers. Fun and enjoyable introduction for younger children ages 5+.

2 dates available.

Build Your Own Computer

Learn the components, terminology and principles involved to building and maintaining a computer.

1 date available.

Roblox Creation

Build your own world This course introduces students to the creating and building in the Lego like world of Roblox on the PC.

1 date available.

MINECRAFT: Progression

A structured walkthrough of some of the modpacks in Tekkit, with a view to developing programming skills.

2 dates available.

MINECRAFT: Exploration

Explore the world of Minecraft! In this freeform course, students pick their own goals and work towards them together.

2 dates available.

Learn to Code - Scratch

Easy and enjoyable, create animations and games using the Scratch programming language. For ages 6+

2 dates available.

Minecraft: Learn How to Make a Modpack

Create your own modpack, install mods and customise them, learn how to use CraftTweaker and more.

2 dates available.

Minecraft: Learn How to Setup a Server

Learn how to start a successful Minecraft server, setup a gamemode and configure plugins on your very own Minecraft server

2 dates available.

Learn to Code - Python for Beginners

An enjoyable and accessible introduction to the fundamentals of programming for ages 7+.

2 dates available.

Learn To Code - Java

Understand the principles and terminology behind all programming languages. Ages 9+

No dates available. Please contact us for future class dates.

Website Design, HTML5 and CSS

Build mobile friendly web pages.

2 dates available.

Filmmaking & Video Editing School Holiday Only

Make and publish a movie to YouTube.

1 date available.