Classes Auckland - North Shore

Saturday AM/PM Computer Class

These classes are a great way to upskill and become really proficient with a range of programs.

7 dates available.

A Discovery Class in Computing

Begin a voyage of discovery into the vast world of computers for ages 5+.

4 dates available.

Create 3D Video Games

Design your own 3D First Person Shooter! For ages 7+.

4 dates available.

MINECRAFT Intro: Woodpuncher to Worldbuilder

Master all there is to learn on Vanilla (unmodded) Minecraft on PC.

4 dates available.

MINECRAFT Advanced: Tekkit & Beyond

Collaborative and challenging project-centered learning within one of Minecraft's many community modpacks.

4 dates available.


Extension learning for those who want to take the next step into mod making, programming, and more.

No dates available. Please contact us for future class dates.

Learn to Code - Scratch Beginners

Easy and enjoyable, create animations and games using the Scratch programming language. For ages 6+

4 dates available.

Web Design: HTML, CSS & Bootstrap

Build mobile friendly web pages.

4 dates available.

Learn to Code - Python for Beginners

An enjoyable and accessible introduction to the fundamentals of programming for ages 7+.

4 dates available.

Build Your Own Computer

Learn the components, terminology and principles involved to building and maintaining a computer.

2 dates available.

Intermediate & Advanced Workshops

This course is a great way to improve your skills and really become proficient with a range of programs.

4 dates available.

Learn To Code - Java

Understand the principles and terminology behind all programming languages. Ages 9+

No dates available. Please contact us for future class dates.

Film Making & Video Editing

Make and publish a movie to YouTube.

1 date available.