Classes Wellington Johnsonville - After School & School Holidays

Saturday Classes only available at Lambton Quay and Woodward St location

Frequently Asked Questions

Will they be doing anything other than using the computer all day, how well supervised are these classes, will my child cope with such a long day?, What is the Daily Timetable? For these and similar questions click here
T-Shirts are available for full week bookings. Certificate of Completion is available on request.

Learn to Code and Create 3D Games

Design your own game using the Unity engine and learn to code in C# For ages 9+.

2 dates available.

A Discovery Class in Computing

Begin a voyage of discovery into the vast world of computers. Fun and enjoyable introduction for younger children ages 5+.

2 dates available.

Learn to Code - Scratch

Easy and enjoyable, create animations and games using the Scratch programming language. For ages 6+

2 dates available.


Explore the world of Minecraft! from simple modpacks and standard minecraft to advanced modpacks, utilising Redstone and Tekkit.

2 dates available.

Learn to Code - Python for Beginners

An enjoyable and accessible introduction to the fundamentals of programming for ages 7+.

2 dates available.

Build Your Own Computer

Learn the components, terminology and principles involved to building and maintaining a computer.

2 dates available.

Website Design, HTML5 and CSS

Build mobile friendly web pages.

2 dates available.

Microsoft Office

Find faster and better ways of getting the best out of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access or Visio.

2 dates available.

Filmmaking & Video Editing School Holiday Only

Make and publish a movie to YouTube.

2 dates available.